Making College Count

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5 Benefits Of Hiring A College Consultant

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Getting into college is a big deal! If you have a teen in high school, you may be wondering how to handle the college admissions process. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for college admissions and to apply to different schools. Instead of guessing your way through it all, it’s a good idea to hire a college consultant. They’re professionals who know what they’re doing and they help students get accepted into more schools. Read More»

How Military Personnel Can Claim Tuition Assistance And Other Educational Assistance

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The long-standing GI bill for military personnel has been a stalwart policy for educational assistance for military personnel for years. The Bill went further following the 911 terrorist attacks to add substantial benefits for military personnel. These benefits now include a provision that permits you to share your benefits with your family members. This is an extraordinary and valuable upgrading of educational benefits that you and your family should take advantage of. Read More»